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Fusar-Poli, P., Sunkel, C., Larrauri, C. A., Kéri, P., McGorry, P., Thornicroft, G., & Patel, V. (2023). Violence and schizophrenia: who is the perpetrator and who is the victim? World Psychiatry.

Larrauri C. A. (2023). He Who Has Hope, Has Everything. Psychiatric Services. Advance online publication.

Brady, L. S., Larrauri, C. A., & AMP SCZ Steering Committee (2023). Accelerating Medicines Partnership® Schizophrenia (AMP® SCZ): developing tools to enable early intervention in the psychosis high risk state. World Psychiatry, 22(1), 42–43.



C.A. Larrauri & C. Garret. First-person accounts of psychosis and advocacy work. In: Intervening Early in Psychosis – a team approach, edited by K.V. Hardy, J.S. Ballon, D.L. Noordsy, and S. Adelsheim. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2019.

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