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Book chapter:


C.A. Larrauri & C. Garret. First person accounts of psychosis and advocacy work. In: Intervening Early in Psychosis – a team approach, edited by K.V. Hardy, J.S. Ballon, D.L. Noordsy and S. Adelsheim. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2019.


Peer - Reviewed Publications:


Jones, M. T., Deckler, E., Laurrari, C., Jarskog, L. F., Penn, D. L., Pinkham, A. E., & Harvey, P. D. (2019). Confidence, performance, and accuracy of self-assessment of social cognition: A comparison of schizophrenia patients and healthy controls. Schizophrenia research. Cognition, 19, 002–2.


Gould, F., McGuire, L. S., Durand, D., Sabbag, S., Larrauri, C., Patterson, T. L., Twamley, E. W., & Harvey, P. D. (2015). Self-assessment in schizophrenia: Accuracy of evaluation of cognition and everyday functioning. Neuropsychology, 29(5), 675–682.


Non-Peer Reviewed Publications:


Larrauri, Carlos. (2019) 12 Tips for Living Well with Schizophrenia. Partners for Strong365 Blog.

Larrauri, Carlos (2017) The Strengths and Stigmas of My Culture. NAMI Blog.

Larrauri, Carlos. (2016) Carlos: My Story of Strength. Partners for StrongMinds Blog.

Larrauri, Carlos. (2016) NAMI National Conference 2016. NAMI Miami-Dade County Newsletter.


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Larrauri, Carlos. (2017) We Need to Manage Mental Illness. The Miami Herald.

Larrauri, Carlos. (2012) Confronting Mental Illness: My Story. The Miami Herald.



Luke Kramer, STARR Coalition; Carlos A.Larrauri, NAMI; Lorenzo Lewis, Confess Project (2019) Cultural Diversity and Clinical Research: Perspectives from Advocacy Groups. ClinEdge.

Luke Kramer, STARR Coalition; Carlos Larrauri, NAMI; Allen Doederlin, DBSA. (2018) Mental Health Month: Stigma, Language, Ethics, and Recruiting. ClinEdge

Rachel Loewy, USCF; Theresa Nguyen, MHA; Chantel Garret and Carlos Larrauri, Partners for Strong Minds. (2017) Is it Real or Not Real - Do I Have Psychosis? Mental Health America

Media Appearances:

2018  Disclosing Student Mental Health Records. PBS Your South Florida.

2017  Understanding Psychotic Breaks. NAMI Blog.

2017 Minority Mental Health Month. PBS Your South Florida.

2013 New College Alumn Share Experiences with Schizophrenia.The Catalyst.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou -

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